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In every professional time trial race, it is possible to check that the vast majority of the cyclist use disc rear wheels.


It is already demonstrated that the aerodynamic advantages of the use of these kind of wheels. The physic fundament consists on oppose an aerodynamic, continuous, surface instead of a group of spokes on movement.


However, the disc wheels has some disadvantages,

- high cost

- not training wheels.

- very high cost if you want to combine a disc Wheel with a Powertap power meter.


They are some companies that sell plastic cover in order to convert a standard Wheel in a disc Wheel. However, this solution is heavy, fragile, instable and not very aesthetic.


IDEC, thanks to its vast experience designing, analyzing and manufacturing Components for aeronautics made in carbon fiber Composites, has developed carbon fiber made covers, taking advantage of the combination of high resistance carbon fiber and epoxy resin, achieving an aerodynamic solution:

-     10 times cheaper than a standard disc wheel.

-     Valid for any standard wheel with normal hub or PowerTap Hub.


Comparing Laminar Cover to plastic made wheels, Laminar Cover are:

-     25% lighter, only 280g/pair, form 60 mm depth wheels.

-     More durability.

-     Better behavior on movement.

-     Better fit with the rim.

-     Valve hole optimized.

-     Better aesthetic (12K carbon fibre).





Laminar cover are two high strength (12k-HS) carbon fiber/epoxy composite made parts. Both covers are different due to the asymmetry of the rear hubs. In the drive side, the surface is has less curvature and with constant thickness.  IDEC also provides an extra part (also made in carbon fiber) to cover the valve hole in an easy-way with no loss of aerodynamics. The non-drive side, has more slope. The laminate has been optimized with a variable thickness; in order to stiff the necessary areas to avoid any bumps, but flexible enough to assure a proper fitting with the rim.


In addition, 10 more polyamide screws are provided (8+2) with a plain head but width enough t0 improve the fitting with the rim, with a minimum increase of weight.